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Nicest People – Shanghai

I met some of the nicest and generous people in Shanghai.  Everyone from the guy at the arrivals area at Shanghai Pudong International Airport who offered me a ride for only 700rmb to my hotel — any hotel in Shanghai only 700rmbs (only slightly more than double under the worst case scenarios).

Next there was the wonderful man who sat next to me while I was plugging in the Chinese SIM card into my travel phone and he offered to sell me the brand new iPhone 7. Gosh, mister, if you would have come up 3 minutes ago, I would have, but I just spent $20USD buying a SIM card. Shucks!

Then there was the all the guys in near the Yuyuan Garden who offered to sell me watches. The most glamorous watches ever — they even had a laminated card showing all the great brands they had: Casio,  Tagg Hour, Timecks and I think I even saw a Rollexx available.  He was even nice enough, when he found out I wasn’t looking for a watch, to offer to introduce me to a “sexy lady”.  Well, what’s a boy to do…

Such great guys – I had no idea the folks in Shanghai were such gracious hosts.

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