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Mity Nice – Lettuce Review

We visited Mity Nice (@MityNice) a little over a week ago for a business lunch.

Name: Mity Nice
Date of Visit: January 11, 2013
Meal: Lunch
Price/Person: $13
Stars:  2/5

Mity Nice is located through and at the very back of Food Life in Water Tower Place. Fighting through the crowds of Food Life can be a pain when visiting Mity Nice. We visited for a Friday business lunch and were not blown away.

First up the server asked if we wanted a cocktail or beer and after we told him no, he spent more time telling us why we should choose a beer since it was half price drafts Friday. We again said we weren’t interested but he continued to push us to purchase a beer. After three times of telling him no, my colleague informed him that he no longer drank, to which the server suggested now was a good time to start up again, since the drafts were half price. How obnoxious.

The food itself was good and came out as we requested and in a very timely manner. The menu itself has a nice selection of lunch items, which are consistent and arrive quickly. We didn’t see our server again throughout the meal — although considering his previous actions this might have been a good thing.

The food was perfectly fine – it wasn’t “mighty nice”.  I’ve been here many times before and while the food is consistent it isn’t going to knock your socks off.  Although, I will say, the gluten free pop-overs are quite good – this was the first visit that we were told these pop-overs were gluten free too. Before, there was never a mention.

The two biggest issues for me, no entrance to the restaurant other than through Food Life and our pushy yet inattentive server. If push came to shove, I would return to Mity Nice – I am sure not all of the servers are like ours. The food was good and reasonably priced for the area.

Do you enjoy Mity Nice?  What is your favorite Lettuce Entertain You restaurant?

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