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A Golden Gift – From Starwood

I recently earned Gold Status from Starwood (@SPG) – in December I had to hotel hop a bit to get this status too.  You can see the full list of benefits offered to Gold Members here.  I received an email from Starwood offering an additional gift. A Golden Gift for achieving Gold Status.  The gift offered is a choice between a 3-month subscription to Hulu Plus or a $25 Starwood Award Certificate.

A Golden Gift from Starwood

Both items are valued at just about $25.  I think I’ll take $25 Award Certificate in lieu of the Hulu Plus subscription.  I’d prefer a cocktail or a snack on an upcoming stay, much more than 3-months of TV.

What would you choose?  I wonder what you get if you go from Gold to Platinum Status?  A larger credit? A longer subscription to Hulu? Or something new all together?

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