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Global Entry Update


Last week I wrote about the American Express Platinum Card Benefits – one that I jumped on immediately was the reimbursed fee for Global Entry.  I filled out the online application, paid the fee with my new American Express Platinum Card and waited.  The fee was reimbursed within two days – without any additional requests from me.

Today, seven days after I submitted application online, I got the clearance from Customs and Border Patrol to schedule my interview.  From what I understand, the interview process is pretty straightforward. You are asked questions about your travels and if all goes well you get your credentials and instructions on how to use the Customs Kiosk.

I scheduled my interview – online – today and was quite shocked to find that the next available interview time at O’Hare is in mid-April!  I’ve heard that some airports have very quick turn around times, but not so much at my home airport. I checked availability at some other airports that I am transiting over the next few months and nothing seems to work. I am so close to getting Global Entry yet so far!

How long did you have to wait to get your Global Entry interview?

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