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Classic Airline Commercial – TWA 1976

I am feeling a bit nostalgic this week, following my recent @United Airline Classic Commercial post earlier.  #TWA holds a special place in my heart, even though I only flew them on one trip – my first trip to Europe on a Spring Break Trip to Southern Europe (road trip from Madrid to Rome).

Check out this Classic TWA Commercial from 1976, touting their new L-1011 Planes.

What’s great about this commercial:

  • Assume this commercial was directed to the west coast audience since they consistently bring up flights to the east. 
  • “Built for comfort, its seats are extra wide with special thick cushions” – too bad the seats now are narrow and the passengers are the ones who are extra wide.
  • “Now, TWA serves you a delicious steak in coach on all 1011 meal flights to the east.”  I doubt the deliciousness of the steak though. What was served on the westbound flights – did the schedule only allow for breakfast service?

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