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New United Lounge

I had to fly out of Terminal 2 at O’Hare on @United on Tuesday.  Who thought a flight to Nashville would be so exciting?  I usually hate Terminal 2. Even when flying out of this old nasty terminal, I usually visit the lounge near B14. The old T2 lounge was tiny, old and gross.  We were pleasantly surprised by the newly revamped United Lounge in T2.

The new lounge is a bit farther than the old one.  As you walk in you are greeted by a brightly lit great lobby and a few United employees ready to check you into the lounge.  Unlike the lounge near B14 where you head downstairs, here you head upstairs and immediately notice modern phone booths off to the right. These glass boxes have chairs, a desk and power outlets.  Only one person was using the booths as we passed by.

“Phone Booths” at the top of the escalator

At the top of the escalator we find a few computer terminals where United representatives can help you should there be irregular operations.There is a ton of space in this new lounge with two self serve snack stations. These stations had the standard United Club fare: cheese, crackers, carrots, Milano cookies, etc.

There is one big bar in the center of the lounge. When I visited, there were 3 bartenders working behind the bar, so drinks were served very quickly.  The booze selection, of course, is the same at the lounge as the others throughout the nation.

The best part of the lounge, other than the open and bright feeling and the ample seating is the amazing amount of power outlets.  All the seats we tried had both traditional three prong outlets as well as a couple USB outlets too.  How great is that?

Ample seating with large bar in background

Textured tile wall leading up to the lounge.

I was so surprised that this lounge was so great.  I have to say this space is better than my favorite lounge at B14.  There is finally a reason to look forward to flying those tiny little planes out of T2 – the lounge is great.

United will be updating lounges in London, Seattle, San Diego, Houston, Boston, Atlanta and San Francisco – all before Q3/2014.  Just wish they’d put a new lounge like this in T1/C3 at ORD.

Have you been to the new lounge yet?  What’s your favorite part?

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