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Shanghai Planning

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I had the opportunity to go to Shanghai. I decided to pull the trigger.  I haven’t been to Asia before and I’m pretty excited about this quick trip to a great City.  I booked the flight, it is going to be a quick turn and burn.

Technically I will be flying for 26 hours and spending approximately 50 hours in the City.  Some think I am absolutely nuts to do this kind of trip, while others I tell are quite excited.  I have never been on a single flight this long before.  The longest flight I’ve been on is 12.5 hours from London to Cape Town – this flight is 14.5 hours.  I am downloading a ton of TV shows for my tablet – I think I’ve got almost enough to keep me occupied for the full trip.

While in Shanghai, we are staying on the Bund and have a pretty good list of things to visit – mostly architecture and food related. Who could ask for anything more.  We are even planning on taking a bike tour of Shanghai.

Have you been to Shanghai? Do you have any recommendations on things I must do while there?

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