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#SNAPChallenge Day 6

Today closed out day 6 on my #SNAPChallenge.  I wasn’t very creative today. I had my usual breakfast (a toasted English muffin), my usual snacks (but today I had 6 clementines because I had more than I expected left over) and I had the left over Tomato and Chickpea Soup coupled with a chicken thigh for lunch. I had the same thing I had for lunch again for dinner, but I paired that with my two final carrots (raw) and half a head of broccoli.  I am feeling quite full right now (not steak and potatoes full, but perfectly content).

You are probably wondering how I can be content while eating the same thing almost every day (breakfast and snacks each day and today the same lunch and dinner). Well, I can be a “Peter-the-Repeater” when it comes to food.  I really don’t get tired of eating the same thing repeatedly.  I usually eat the same thing each day for breakfast and will often eat the same thing for lunch a few times a week (salad with the same ingredients).

Tomorrow my #SNAPChallenge ends.  I am looking forward to stopping this program – but I am also looking forward to starting the challenge again in February.  I have two more meals on the challenge – as I technically started the challenge for Tuesday’s dinner last week. I made dinner so I could have leftovers for Wednesday’s lunch.  I have to travel for work tomorrow, so the end of the program couldn’t come at a better time.

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