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Sheraton Gateway LAX Hotel: Hotel Review

The final night of my Starwood (@SPG) Hotel Hopping Adventure was at the Sheraton Gateway LAX. I chose to stay here because I had an early morning flight out the following day and couldn’t bring myself to stay clear out in Orange County again — and get up early enough to make a 06h30 flight.
The front desk folks were very friendly and check-in was a breeze.  I made a comment about skipping dinner in Newport Beach and the man handling check-in handed me a print out from Google showing how bad traffic was that night to Newport Beach.  While this really didn’t add any value to the stay, it showed he was paying attention and was willing to offer help as needed.
The main room was very large – surprisingly large with a king bed, two club chairs with an occasional table and a very workable desk.  How can a hotel have a desk but clutter it with the TV so you really have no room to actually work.  This hotel did not have that problem.

The rooms were large and very well used. Most surfaces in my room (floor, walls, furniture) were scuffed and worn.  The hotel (my room and public spaces) were clean, they just looked a bit rough.  This hotel could go for a bit of a refresh — but that being said, this is an airport hotel, not a resort where you’d take your family for a vacation.
The complimentary shuttle service worked out perfectly for us. We got to the lobby and just missed a shuttle, but another one pulled up in less than 5 minutes and we were at the United check-in desk in less than 10 minutes.
Next time I have an early morning flight or a long layover at LAX, I would definitely stay at this property again.

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