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#SNAPChallenge Day 5

I’m more than half way through with my #SNAPChallenge.  Today was by far the easiest day of all.  I wasn’t at all filled with hunger pangs, but I was with guilt.  I felt bad because I ate off program a bit last night when I had friends over.  I know I just need to get over it.

Today I got a bit of a late start – I slept in until around 10:30 but didn’t eat breakfast until closer to noon.  I stayed on my regular routine and had an toasted English muffin with peanut butter (SURPRISE!) then for a mid afternoon snack I had 4 clementines.  Early this evening I made an absolutely fantastic tomato soup with chickpeas. I had two carrots as a late evening snack too.  I am not at all hungry, even though I ate very little today.

I am into the home stretch on this SNAP Challenge – only a couple more days then back to reality.  Not soon enough either, as I have to fly to Nashville for work on Tuesday night.  What will my first non-Challenge meal be for me?  If you were eating what I’ve been eating for a week, what would your first traditional meal be?

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  1. Sushi! But maybe not in Nashville….

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