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#SNAPChallenge Day 4

#SNAPChallenge Day 4 fell on a Saturday and had me hosting dinner for some friends.  I woke up today and was not starving, like yesterday.  It felt good not to wake up and be utterly obsessed with food.  I usually don’t eat immediately when I get up on the weekends – I eat an hour or so after I wake up.  Once I started moving about this morning, I was pretty hungry and I had an English Muffin with Peanut Butter and a clementine along with a pint of water.

I did quite a few chores around the house then around 14h00 I realized how hungry I had gotten. I steamed some broccoli (I finished the first head today and have a full head left for 3 more days!), cut up a carrot (ate it raw) and reheated a chicken thigh. I decided to put some barbecue sauce (condiment) on the thigh and had a perfectly lovely – yet not filling – lunch.  After I cleaned up from lunch, I had to toast an English muffin as I was still quite hungry.

Not a pretty picture, but my lunch none the less.  BBQ Chicken
Thigh, Steamed Broccoli and Raw Carrots. You can
even see the reflection of my Nelson lamp in my Fiestaware…

For dinner tonight I am hosting a couple friends.  Read how I am hosting dinner while trying to remain true to my pledge during this #SNAPChallenge.

Four Days Down – Three Days to Go. This isn’t easy.  I am looking forward to this Challenge ending and getting back to my real life.  I can’t imagine continuing to eat like this for ever.

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  1. David says:

    I don't think this was cheating… Your budget was $35 per person, the others had their own budgets. Plus, even you can buy alcohol and junk food with cash (or even more food). Good work (really)

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