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Thanksgiving in Ireland: Ireland Wrap Up

Ireland has been on my visit list for years, albeit not all that high on the list. One of my best friends in the world (JDE) loves Ireland.  I don’t love Ireland. I don’t hate it – far from it. I had a wonderfully enjoyable time.

I believe Dublin is a City of “being” and not “seeing” or “doing.”  You can see the top 10 things in Dublin in a day if you are quick. Take two days and you can see the top 10 things and have several leisurely meals and take a few pub stops.  In Paris or London I have a big list of things to do. My Irish list included many great places to have a cocktail. Sometimes you just need a vacation where you just “are” not where you “do”.  This is one of those cities.

The airfare was crazy cheap and the transfers were easy.  I doubt I will be taking another trip to Dublin anytime soon – not because I didn’t enjoy myself – far from it, but because I have so many other places I want to visit.  Dublin does not hold a special place in my heart like London or Paris.  If you haven’t visited Dublin, GO.

Do you love Ireland? Where do your travels take you next?

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