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#SNAPChallenge Day 3

I woke up the third day of my #SNAPChallenge absolutely starving.  I haven’t felt this hungry in a long time.  I continued my weekly plan of having a single toasted English muffin with peanut butter for breakfast.

I was pretty hungry until I got to work, but luckily work was very busy/hectic and full of meetings so I wasn’t really focusing on the hunger.  I was so busy I didn’t even have time to eat a single clementine snack in the morning.

For lunch I had some left over Thai Peanut Noodles, two raw carrots and a clementine (I ate a total of 4 clementines today).  Almost every single work day of my professional career I have had lunch out – and today I confirmed that I hate bringing my lunch. No matter how good the food was (and it was pretty tasty), I just hate the idea of schlepping food into the office – I like to make a lunch decision on the fly. You can’t do that with a brown bag lunch.

I’ve been talking more about my SNAP Challenge at the office.  So many people say “Oh, that’s easy, just schedule lunch or dinner meetings” – after I explained the real purpose of this Challenge, they were much more interested in the program. People were quite excited to offer suggestions and talk through the good, the bad and the unhealthy options available on this plan.  I really think I managed to get several people at the office today to think about their choices and how lucky they are to actually have a choice – and how so many people don’t.

Tonight for dinner, I made a home made Chicken Chili – again a recipe that I would make on my own off the Challenge.  As I write this, I want something else to eat. Again, I’m not hungry, I just feel empty.  I would like a little sweet treat – a piece of chocolate, some ice cream something along those lines.  Perhaps next month when I do this Challenge I will plan for a treat each night.  Suggestions?

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  1. I wonder if the hunger might be around the heavy carbo diet — I tend to always be hungrier when I eat carb heavy meals, which leads to a vicious circle. Can you shift from simpler carbs, like noodles and white flour, to ones with more fiber, like oats? Protein is obviously expensive. Is tuna an option?

  2. @Nicholas: Agreed. I had a hard time finding good tuna at a reasonable price when I started this challenge – the stores seemed to be out, for some reason. I really don't like eggs, but eggs would be a great way to get protein at a very reasonable price — you could by 2 dozen eggs for next to nothing and have very filling meals (scrambles, frittatas, etc).

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