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#SNAPChallenge Day 2

Today was day two of my #SNAPChallenge.  I am still feeling pretty good.  I am never quite full and always just a bit hungry – not starving but a constant nagging emptiness.  I continue to find myself constantly thinking of food and as I walk around near the office I am checking out all the restaurants in the area that I want to visit.

For breakfast I had a single toasted English muffin with creamy peanut butter.  For lunch I had 1.5 chicken thighs with some raw broccoli and a raw carrot.  I am really starting to like raw carrots.  I had 4 clementines throughout the day as a snack too.

For dinner I made a new recipe of Thai Peanut Noodle with chicken, carrots and broccoli (find my new recipe here).  I have enough left over for lunch on Friday too.

I am starting to get concerned about the weekend food. Meals are such a social time for me – I wonder if I will be able to keep this up.  If millions of people MUST do this everyday, the least I can do is do it for a week, right?

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