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Shanghai for the Weekend?

I have an opportunity to visit Shanghai for a few days in January. I have never been to China, hell, I’ve never been to Asia.  January is a horribly busy time for me at work so the most time I could take off is two days.

I would leave on Thursday and land in Shanghai on Friday around 15h00.  I would then leave Shanghai on Sunday around 17h00 and land back in Chicago at 16h15 (on Sunday as well). I’d get to spend about 48 hours in Shanghai — which would leave me a good amount of time to see some of the City, but still leave me wanting more.

I also have $500 in United vouchers that I need to use at some point before Q2 next year.  I would fly United and be guaranteed at least Economy Plus seating or exit row.  The hotel would be free too.

I am seriously considering this. What do you think – is this just crazy or a fun and a once in a lifetime adventure?  I will close with some pictures (from a quick Google search) of the City to help inspire you.  What would you do, would you go?

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