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Thanksgiving in Ireland: Rural Ireland Drive

As we left Kinnitty Castle we headed to Dublin, but instead of making a beeline to the expressway, we meandered through the Irish countryside.  The route was suggested by the good folks at Kinnitty Castle and was quite beautiful.

Our first stop was the small town of Birr where we first explored the local pharmacy as MS had a pretty bad cold and we needed to get some serious symptom relief.  We then continued to walk around this small town and popped into a small hotel to get a boxty and a cider.

Main Square in Birr
St. Brendan’s Cathedral in Birr
St. Brendan’s Cathedral in Birr
Ruins in Birr

After Birr we traveled on very small country roads over hills and through rolling meadows.  We didn’t run into many other cars, which is very lucky, considering the roads were often so narrow it made passing a bit tricky.  Of course we also came across a couple of tractors while on this scenic drive.  We survived though.

We eventually made it to the expressway and worked our way into Dublin. We really didn’t have any traffic issues until we reached the very edge of Dublin then traffic really seemed to build up. It wasn’t like the traffic in southern France, but it really was night and day from the roads outside of the City.

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