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Olympics & More: AC Barcelona Forum

When I first heard that Marriott was going to enter into a JV with AC Hotels I got pretty excited.  I’ve heard some great things about these properties (located in Spain, Portugal and Italy) and I was excited that I could earn Marriott points with a stay.  
We decided to pull the trigger and stay at the AC Barcelona Forum for our final night.  The lobby is enormous, with large windows and an incredibly high ceiling.  I loved the space.  In addition to ample seating and the check-in area, you’ll find work stations with computers and a very large multi-national newspaper selection.
As we checked in, the front desk clerk greeted us in Catalan and Spanish. She asked what language we would prefer to speak during check-in (yes, English was offered). We opted for Spanish.  While MS is pretty fluent, I am not. I studied for about three years in High School, but surprisingly I understood about 80% of what she said. I must admit, I was a few seconds behind the conversation as my brain processed the language, but I did get most of it.

The elevators were quick and spacious as well.  We had a queen room with a view of the harbor. The room felt very rich because of the deep tones of the wood. The room even had a couple plug ins at each night stand — and we all know how much that means to me!

The windows opened fully too — something we don’t see to often in the US, damn our litigious nature.  One issue though, water was dripping from the window – not sure where the water was coming from, but when the window was open there was a pool of water on the floor.

 A CD player was available and they even provided a nice AC Hotels mixed CD for us – we could have taken it home with us for an additional charge. We were content to listen to this in the room and that was it.

The bathroom was very clean and modern.  The dark green marble also made this room feel more luxurious than the going rate.  The water pressure was great and the hot water was plentiful.  We had plenty of towels too — even after I had to use TWO towels to soak up the water around the window. Yet another hotel pet peeve of mine — an inadequate supply of towels.

The hotel was across the street from a busy shopping mall, which I did visit to buy an extra suitcase because of my French shoe shopping addiction.  The hotel is a very short walk to the Besos Mar subway station and is also at the Forum tram stop.

We didn’t eat at the hotel (Barcelona has some great food and we wanted to get out and explore a bit more our final night in the City), nor did we visit the gym or the swimming pool.

I would definitely stay at this hotel again – it was close to transportation and with ample taxis to get you were you needed to go in the City.  This area does have some cool modern buildings, but if you want to stay in an area surrounded by the Gothic Architecture Barcelona is known for, stay elsewhere. If you want a modern hotel with top notch service at a very reasonable price, this is your place.  We paid less than 125E for our room.

Have you stayed at the AC Barcelona Forum?  Have the AC Hotels changed since their partnership with Marriott?

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