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Classic Airline Commercials – United 1982

I was playing around on YouTube a while back and stumbled across some old airline commercials.  These are so dated, but do make me miss the days when air travel was more glamorous.  Granted, I never flew when the airlines were in their hay day – the first flight that I remember was in 1982 (I was three), but compared to flying now, the 1980s were the golden age of air travel.

Check out this commercial for United Airlines.  Two things that make me smile about that commercial:

  1. “…we’ve built the largest airline in the free world.” What was the largest airline in the non-free world in 1982?
  2. Check out those quintessential 1980s United colors – the best part, Seattle Airport still has that color scheme in their United gates – see the pick from our PNW Road Trip below the video! 

United Gate at SeaTac –
Photo Taken August 5, 2012 — Yes, 2012.

Oh how times have changed, haven’t they?

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