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To Upgrade of Not To Upgrade (United)

I fly to #Ireland on Wednesday with #United.  The last time I flew to Europe I upgraded for 16,000 Miles and $440 to business class. This was the best travel money I ever spent (well, the way over it was the best, the way back it really was just fine).

Last time United offered a discount on both the number of miles and the co-pay. Now the cost is 20,000 miles and $550.  The miles mean nothing to me since I have a ton of United miles, but the $550 is a bit much. This is the one way cost, not the round trip.

I am debating on upgrading to BusinessFirst on my flight over to Europe (I won’t upgrade on the way back though).  Last time I upgraded because I had only 48 hours in London and wanted to hit the ground running – after getting good sleep on the flight. This time my flight leaves in the mid afternoon, so sleeping really isn’t a real option.

I just spoke to MS, who left yesterday for Ireland (yeah, don’t get me started on the early departure….) – he said the jet lag is really getting to him, mostly because of the grey, cool, rainy weather (well and the time change of course).  This makes me think I should try for the upgrade.

What do you think? Should I upgrade to BusinessFirst or hang out in my exit row seat for the 8 hours to Europe on Wednesday?

Should I pay $550 more plus 20,000 miles to sit here….
Or here…?

What would you do?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This grandma says1) used your $ with wisdom2) either way, economy class of first class, you are going to arrive at your desire destination3) What do you get extra for sitting on first class? Does it worth is?4) 8 hours on an airplane, time enough to solve some soduku puzzles, read a book, plan your future activities, write your diary…

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