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Going for Starwood Gold?

I think I’m going for gold status with #Starwood this year.  Gold status only requires 10 stays or 25 nights at Starwood properties in a given year.  The Starwood American Express card gives you two stays and five nights towards this status too.

What does Gold status get you?

  • 3 Points/Dollar spent at Starwood Properties (up from just 2 with your general membership)
  • 4pm late checkout if available
  • An “enhanced room” at check-in, if available. This isn’t necessarily a room upgrade, but could be a room with a better view
  • Special customer service phone number for Elites
  • A Special Gift at check-in of either complimentary in room internet access or a free beverage
I currently have seven Starwood stays this year (including the two free stays from American Express).  While I don’t think these benefits are necessarily worth a “mattress run”, I do think it is good enough to switch some hotel stays from Hilton to Starwood this year.  I have one three day trip coming up in December for work. I am thinking about hotel hopping on this trip.  My colleagues will be staying at a Hilton near Disney (god forbid).  There are a couple Sheratons within 1.5 miles of the Hilton. 
If I do this hotel hop, I will start at one hotel for the first night, then switch to a different the second then return to the first for my third and final night.  Have any of you hopped between hotels like this to get your status?  Was it a pain the neck or totally worth it?
What would you do?

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