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Olympics & More: Courtyard Montpellier


We stayed in a brand new Courtyard Marriott in Montpellier.  This hotel opened just a few weeks before we arrived.  This area of town is so new, the recently updated GPS didn’t even have the streets surrounding this hotel or the plaza it was on.

We pulled in and found that the garage was full – we had to park across the plaza in the Town Hall parking garage.  The front desk clerk was not at all interested in helping us.  She said the bars and restaurant in the hotel were closed (even though we saw people in them), WiFi was an additional charge, even though my reservations indicated it was included and when I asked for a recommendation for someplace to eat in the area, she said she just didn’t know.  I asked for a tourist map of Montpellier and she said they didn’t have any.

The hotel itself was very sleek and modern and set on a newly constructed modern plaza.  The rooms were perfectly acceptable. There was enough room for the two of us, they were clean (which isn’t something all the common, considering some of the hotels I’ve stayed at this year: here, here, and here).

Sleek, Modern Courtyard Marriott
Big comfy king sized Marriott bed

The room itself was comfortable although the hallways were a bit noisy – with doors slamming and the echoing of conversations.  The water pressure and temperature were both great.  Despite the rough greeting we received by the oh-so-helpful front desk clerk, I would return to this hotel, next time I stay in Montpellier.  The building was pretty cool, the area new and had enough  to do after hours – and it was very close to public transit.

Have you stayed in Montpellier before?  Do you like to stay at hotels right after they open or do you prefer to wait a few months so they can work out the kinks?

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