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Olympics & More: Road Trip to Montpellier, France

We left Carcassonne and continued our European road trip.  We hop in the car and plan to go straight away to Montpelier, check in to the hotel and explore this old City.  The 152 kilometer trip along the A9 would take us by Narbonne and Beziers to Montpelier.  This trip should have taken us about 90 minutes. After about 30 minutes on the road the GPS flashes a change in route and directs us to take the next exit…which was about 100 meters away.  Going 120 kpm, we couldn’t get over to take the exit. HUGE mistake. The GPS then gives us a news flash of a car accident on the A9.  This was a catastrophic accident. Two trucks and three cars crashed blocking all lanes of traffic.

We were at a standstill.  We sat, not moving, in total gridlock traffic listening to the same three songs on the radio (Nikki Minaj’s Starships, Flo Rida’s Whistle Song and ….. oh god, I can’t remember the third song now. I thought I would never forget this…I will update when it comes back to me).  It was torture.  We eventually made it to the next exit — after 4 hours of sitting in traffic.  The exit and surrounding roads were not designed to take all the traffic from the A9 — it was continued gridlock, but at least we were moving.

First Exit Required
Toll Booth Attendants handing
out water as we exit the A9
Off the A9, on local streets

We eventually made it to Montpelier — but it took us more than 6.5 hours from the time we left Carcassonne until we arrived at the hotel.  This was by far the longest, most miserable roadtrip day I have ever had. Everything was just out of our control — we were just there.

France really just kicked our butts this day.  We were exhausted, frustrated, hungry and angry that we missed a good portion of the day being stuck in traffic.  We didn’t get mad or yell at each other though, which was great – and a bit surprising.

I hate road trips.  Have you ever been stuck in a situation like this before? How do you entertain yourself when you are trapped in a traffic jam like this?  What’s the longest you’ve ever been trapped in traffic before?

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