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Olympics & More: Dining in Vic

We wandered around the ghost town of Vic, Spain looking for a bit of lunch.  As I said before, this down was dead — Zombie Apocalypse dead.  As we started making our way back to the car, we stumbled upon a small restaurant called El Jardinet – it was open, but empty.  
The chef/owner greeted us and walked us to the back garden for lunch.  MS asked for an English menu for me, but they had none – they had menus just in Catalan and French.  Good enough for us (while I suspect they had a Spanish menu around too, it wasn’t offered).  I told the chef that I am studying French and he walked me through everything on the menu in French…and surprisingly I understood a vast majority of it — and was able to explain some of it to MS who was reviewing the Catalan menu.  Ultimately we managed to figure out the menu and order lunch.
Lunch Menu
Of course we started off our lunch with a bit of water and a nice bottle of white wine.
No lunch is complete
without water and wine
By the glass or the bottle?
No questions here.
We both started with the gazpacho with shrimp and ham — it was amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever had gazpacho with ham — it totally makes the soup. Hell, ham would make any soup so much better, eh?

For our entree we each had a great paella – MS had a black paella and I just had a lobster paella. The food was so great. I do love some lobster, but really hate when I have to fight with the shells — it’s just a big pain in the neck for me.  The servings were so big, we could have easily shared one paella — but since we are Americans we did eat a huge portion…and still had room for dessert.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

This stop on our road trip to Toulouse started out a little rough – an empty town, nothing really to do and almost no food to speak of, but it really turned around when we found a fantastic little Catalan restaurant and an amazingly gracious chef/owner.

Have you been to Vic?  Do you love Catalan food?  Don’t you love when someone adds a pork product to an already great dish — making it even better?

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