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Olympics & More: Visiting Vic, Spain


We left Barcelona heading to Toulouse, France.  On the way north we decided to stop off in the Spanish town of Vic, which is about 70 kilometers from Barcelona.  We decide to eat lunch in town, so we set the GPS to bring us to the main square.

The City of Vic dates back to the Romans and sat in the border land between Frankish Europe and Islamic Spain.  When we arrived we were quite shocked at how empty the City was.  We knew August was vacation/holiday month for people in Spain and France, but we had no idea it would be so extreme here.  It felt like we were in a Zombie Apocalypse film – not a soul on the streets, just a couple other lonesome tourists wandering aimlessly around a dead square.

We continued to walk around the empty streets, looking at the beautiful architecture from the Roman to Medieval to Modern eras.  The City was really beautiful and had a good lively vibe, even though no one was around.  We weren’t able to go into any of these great spaces on this trip, but since it is such a quick trip from Barcelona. We will be back.


Have you been to Vic? What did you think of it?  Would go back? Have you been to a Zombie Apocalypse City before? 

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