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Travel Inspiration #4: Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam and before the unification of the North and South in the early 1970s was called Saigon and was the capital of the south.  This sprawling metropolis has more than 7 million people.
The French colonized (conquered) Indochina in the mid-19th Century and remained there until they were kicked out in the 1950s.  Wars continues with various foreign parties until the reunification in the 1970s.  Ho Chi Minh City is located on the Saigon River.  Like many highly populated cities, traffic accidents are a common occurrence — one travel book I have indicates on an average day, 30 people are killed in motor vehicle accidents.

Have you visited HCMC? What do your recommend in the City? Where did you stay?  We plan on going to Vietnam in March (like we TRIED to do last year) – any advice you have is greatly appreciated.

What inspires you to travel? Do you have a photo (to share) that would inspire others to travel – if so, please share it.

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