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Olympics & More: Bike Tour Barcelona

We love to bike. We’ve taken bike tours in South Africa, Paris and now Barcelona. We love to see the City with the freedom a bike offers. Like every bike tour we’ve been on the tour guide is a bit off.  Very hipster, not very organized, passionate about biking and just tolerant of the tourees.  This tour was no different.

Unlike other tours, this won was a bit disorganized. We registered online with Barcelona Ciclo Tours and were told to meet the tour at 11h00 in front of the Hard Rock Cafe in Placa Catalunya.  The group was diverse with Australians, Swiss, Americans and a couple Canadians.  The tour was in English and was pretty light on hard facts or details.

The ride itself took about 3 hours and was at a very leisurely pace.  Honestly, it was a little too leisurely.  The worst part of the trip had to be the other tourees. Several of these people really couldn’t ride a bike.  I asked one woman if she needed help adjusting her bike because her seat seemed a bit too high. Of course she didn’t need any help — within the first 30 minutes she had fallen off her bike in an alley in the Gothic Quarter. Luckily she wasn’t hurt — other than her ego.

Midway through the tour, we stopped along the waterfront for a cocktail — which was included in the ticket price of the tour.  While we rested and enjoyed the beach we chatted with some of our fellow tourees and found a couple people who had run ins with baboons in South Africa and a bike tour in Vietnam.

I did have fun on this tour, my main issue was my expectations. I figured this would be more like the tour we took in Paris with a tour guide imparting fun facts and interesting historical details while on a great ride through an amazing city.
Do you take bike tours when you explore a new city? What is the favorite bike tour you’ve taken?  Do you prefer an organized tour or to just pick up a rental bike and explore on your own?

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  1. I haven't done a formal tour, but getting bikes in a city is one of my favorite ways to get around. I was in Paris this past spring, and their new bike rental system is outstanding (once you get the initial card to work: I struggled with US credit cards and had to go to three different terminals before I got it to go). With locations everywhere you want to go, it was really one of the most fun ways to get around.

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