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Open House Chicago Overview


Open House Chicago (#OHC2012) was this weekend.  What is Open House Chicago?  Well, the Chicago Architecture Foundation presents a weekend of behind the scenes tours of over 150 buildings throughout the City.  Some of these buildings have docents giving organized tours, while others are self guided. Many of these spaces are not open to the public except for this one weekend a year.

My schedule only allowed me to participate one of the two days this year.  I decided to focus on my neighborhood of Uptown.  I headed out around 10h30 and planned on spending a couple hours walking through the neighborhood.  I decided to visit the following sites:

I’ll share my photos from these visits in upcoming posts (and link to basic details on why the building is important).  I didn’t take any photos at a couple of locations — either because I missed the organized tour or I’d been there a few times and had no urge to take another pic.  If I didn’t take any photos, the link above will take you to the Open House Chicago site for the specific building.

Did you participate in Open House Chicago? Where did you go? Are you a member of the Chicago Architecture Foundation (I am and have been for more than a decade – love it)?

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