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Travel Inspiration #2: Singapore Infinity Pool

The Infinity Pool on the 57th Floor of the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark really sparked my interested, how can this picture not inspire you?

This view looks out on a city of 5.1M people and is part of a massive complex that houses more than 2,600 hotel rooms, 1.3M square feet of conference space and 800K square feet of retail space.  The facility was designed by Moshe Safdie who says he was inspired by a deck of cards when working on his design.  Can’t you see the influence of the cards?

While this building will not push me to go to Singapore, it did inspire me to do more research on the building and the City. When (not IF) I go to Singapore, I will be lounging in this pool and thoroughly enjoying the view of the City.

Have you been to Singapore? Have you swam in this amazing infinity pool? Is it as cool in real life as these photos? What inspires you?

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