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Olympics and More: Munich Airport, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


On the way from London to Barcelona I had to connect in Munich. This was my first time to visit the Munich Airport.  Once on the ground I headed directly to the Senator Lounge.  I wanted to get a little bit to eat and a beer — and of course to take a look around.

I was greeted by a very stern Lufthansa employee who didn’t say a word as she reviewed my documents.  I tried to head into the First Class Lounge, but my stern Lufthansa greeter quickly redirected me. Damn.

The Senator Lounge was pretty full, but I found a seat without a problem.  I started off by filling a plate with traditional German food – a Spicy Pickled Cucumber, Celery Soup and a Pretzel. I thought there would be more food out, I was a little disappointed.  I sat down and ate my little snack.  I picked up a couple of magazines (in German and English — couldn’t find a French one though).  As I was heading out of the lounge I found another area with hot food, which included a potato dish, some cheese tortellini and some grey/brown meat — all which looked substantially better than the pickle & pretzel I had earlier.  I grabbed a plate and wolfed down another snack. Honestly, the grey/brown meat and the tortellini were really great.

Snack Option 1

I head off to my gate, which was in Terminal G. I landed in Terminal H.  I followed the signs and got lost. I turned around, followed the signs again to G…and got lost. I turned around…yes, you guessed it. I got lost. Three times I got lost and couldn’t find the exit into G.  I guess the 4th time is the charm for me.

Seems pretty clear–but
I still got lost 3 times.

I schlepped all the way to the very far end of Terminal H, by 2-3 smoking booths and found myself at Gate 46 for my flight to Barcelona.  This area of the airport was uncomfortably hot — probably 7-10C warmer than the rest of the airport.  I had to wait less than 5 minutes from the time I arrived at the gate until we started to board.  Good thing I had a second plate of snacks at the Lounge, otherwise I would have had to wait for 15 minutes…god forbid!  I then boarded and was off to Barcelona.

What do you think of the Munich Airport?  Do you find the Lufthansa Lounges to be a relaxing place to kill some time at the airport?  How about that tortellini, eh? Have you ever managed to sneak into the First Class lounge instead of the Senator Lounge?

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