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Scratch that…I Need Camera Help

I’ve used a version of a Nikon Coolpix camera since March of 2006.  The first Coolpix I bought was an S3. This was a perfect little pocket point and shoot.  After a few years, I upgraded to the Coolpix S8100 right before my trip to Africa in 2011.  This camera was much bigger than it’s little brother, but the picture quality and functions were such an upgrade.
I took this S8100 on dozens of domestic and a few international trips, plus this camera stayed in my briefcase every day.  Ever since September 11, 2001, I’ve had a camera in my work bag, just in case something amazing (or horrible) happens in front of me.
Then one day, I noticed my pictures were a little off.  Upon further examination of my camera I found a scratch on the lens.  This wasn’t unexpected — I never bought a case for it and kept the camera in my jeans pockets or my briefcase, so it was bound to get damaged.  Very frustrating, but I always love an excuse to buy a new toy.

I decided to upgrade to a newer version of this camera.  I did a lot of research, mostly focusing on the Coolpix — why look at another camera when you’ve been extremely happy before, right?

Well, I settled on the Coolpix S8200, which had some pretty good reviews and seemed to fit my needs as a casual photog.  I picked up this new camera a few days before our trip to IPNC and in just a few days on vacation I realized I had made a mistake. The S8200 took some pretty crappy pictures and worse the time it took the camera to save the photo to the memory card was up to 13 seconds!

I even tried several different memory cards – new, old, high speed, low speed — same result.  It was just not working for me.  I returned this new, upgraded camera to Best Buy — one day after I got back from Europe — and one day after the 30 day return policy ended. Luckily, Best Buy accepted there return with no questions.

Now I need another new camera.  I want your help.  I am looking for a point and shoot camera with at least 10X optical zoom and at least 12 mega pixels. I want it to be small enough to fit into my pants pocket but powerful enough to really capture my life.  I want a camera that is strong enough to survive in my brief case daily and while on Safari in Africa or being slammed down against a cafe table in Paris.  I’m not interested in upgrading to a DSLR…yet.

What camera do you use?  Do you love it or live with it?  Please, either comment your camera suggestions, email me, G+ me or Tweet.  I feel naked without a camera.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tim: I love my panasonic lumix. You can even geotag your pix with the new ZS20. Give this one a look.Jeff B.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have a different Panasonic (lx3- little zoom, not for you) and like it too (though your Nikon trend was broken…)David

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sony Cybershot WX100. On sale at Best Buy now – $199. 10X zoom. 18MP.I love mine. Ditch the Coolpix – they've turned to crap.

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