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Olympics & More: Dinner: Salusbury Pub

Following the Gold Medal Football Match, we decided to walk to a neighborhood restaurant for dinner. Since my friends were so kind to host me for a couple days in London, I wanted to treat them to a dinner of their choosing. They had wanted to try the Salusbury for a while.
The building hosts both a restaurant and a pub. We had to walk through the crowded pub to get to the restaurant.  We arrived around 20h30 on a Saturday night without a reservation. We were seated quickly without an issue.  
We wanted a bit of wine, but were unfamiliar with the wines on the list so we asked the server for a recommendation. She described a wine perfectly. The wine was good and matched exactly how she described it.
Dinner Menu
The three of us each ordered an appetizer and an entree.  After waiting 20 minutes or so for our appetizers (a soup, a salad and some tongue) two of them were delivered. My soup was not. We waited patiently for 5 more minutes then found our server to ask about the soup.  Nearly 10 more minutes pass and my soup is finally delivered.
Fast forward another 20 minutes and the entrees are delivered. Well, two of the three entrees. Again, my Pappardelle with Duck Ragu was missing. The other entrees (including a seared tuna) arrived without issues.  We had to wait about 5 more minutes for my entree. What are the chances, eh?
Seared Tuna
Duck Ragu

The servers were knowledgeable and very nice, they just did a poor job of serving. The restaurant was a bit loud and honestly, a bit overpriced for a local neighborhood joint.  The duck ragu was great (it was almost as good as my home made duck ragu).

Would I return to Salusbury Pub for dinner? Probably not. It wasn’t fantastic and there are so many more places to try in London. If it were a local neighborhood joint for me — I still don’t think I would be a regular.  It wasn’t reasonably priced for this type of establishment.

Have you been to Salusbury before?  What was your favorite menu item? How was the service?

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