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PNW Roadtrip: Touring Seattle

Growing up outside of Portland, Oregon, I always had an irrational hatred of Seattle. Seattle was never good as Portland — even though I hadn’t really spent much time there.  I had visited Seattle a couple times in College then once after graduation. I still wasn’t sold on it.  So many people just love it though.  Since MS had some friends he wanted to see and I wanted to do the Boeing Tour, Seattle made the list of destinations for this trip.

The first day in town was Thursday and we arrived around 17h00 and our plans consisted of getting dinner and walking around the neighborhood.  We had a pretty great sushi dinner at Shiro’s (2nd and Battery). This place was full of Japanese people (or people of Asian descent speaking Japanese), so we thought it was close to the real deal.

After walking around the first night, we decided to grab a bottle of wine and spend a couple hours watching the Olympics back at the hotel.  Interestingly enough, we found a bottle of Maysara wine at Whole Foods.  Looks like this trip is coming full circle.

Friday, we had the Boeing tour, which you can read about here.  After spending the morning in Everett, we decided to head back to the City.  More GPS woes. The British voice on the GPS told us to get off the express way around 175th Street, when our destination was around 35th Street. 140 blocks of local streets?  We switched to the French woman (so I could practice French) and she was visibly frustrated and told us to get on the Expressway.  Very strange.

We wanted to swing by a spot to get a great view of the City. We stop off at Gas Works Park. The weekend we visited Seattle the Airshow was taking place.  You can see some of the practice from the park, below.

City view from Gas Works Park
Gas Works Park, with the
Airshow in the background

We then decided to head up to Volunteer Park, on the advice of a friend. After visiting the Seattle Asian Art Museum, where we spent about 15 minutes, we stopped by the Conservatory at Volunteer Park.

The Conservatory at Volunteer Park

After the park, we decided to grab a glass of wine before heading to dinner.  While enjoying some bubbles. a Seattle Bus drove by with a sign advertising the play Rent. I have seen rent nearly a dozen times, but MS hadn’t ever.  We called and got tickets for that night’s performance – which was a bit of a surprise.  Even more surprising we ran into a friend from College at the theater. While the performance wasn’t the best I’ve seen, I still love the play.

After the play we stopped by Barolo Ristorante for a dessert and a glass of port. Great dessert and a great selection of my favorite port: Kopke.

We decided to have brunch with an old college friend on Saturday (same one from the play the night before) and he suggested we take the ferry over to Bainbridge Island.  There wasn’t a whole hell of a lot to do on the island, but we did some wine tasting, some window shopping, visited a farmers market and chatted with some fellow ferry boat riders. We spent about 3 hours on the island then headed back to Seattle.

We were having dinner with one of MS’ friends (BBQ at their home) that evening so after the ferry arrived in Seattle we visited a little French Food Shop and a neighboring Spanish Food Shop (where I bought a great bottle of 1979 Kopke Port…).  

The dinner with a friend was the end of our trip to the Pacific Northwest, as the next day we went out for brunch and headed right to the airport.  While I think we had so much more to see while in Seattle, we had a very nice trip.  Do I love Seattle more than Portland? No, but only for irrational, born in reasons.

What are your must do things while in Seattle?  Did we miss something that is on your list?  Should

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