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Cooking Newbies…Be Strong!

I’m not a big seafood guy.  Until recently, I would never order it out. I would only do sushi / sashimi – I really didn’t like cooked fish.  I’ve been pushing myself to try new things – just because I didn’t like something before, doesn’t mean my tastes haven’t changed.

Saturday night, we went to North Pond (great place, by the way) and I had an amazing swordfish entree.  Fast forward to today, I decide I want to try to grill swordfish for dinner.  I did a little research online – mostly looking to see how long it would take to cook the fish on the grill – and if I needed any other type of oil (other than grape seed oil) for the grill. All the recipes I found referenced a swordfish fillet.

I go to Treasure Island and I see salmon steaks and salmon fillets, halibut steaks and halibut fillets but only swordfish steaks.  I ask if they had swordfish fillets.  The response? Laughter from the meat counter guy. I am evidently the funniest person around. He tells me they are the same thing. Then proceeds to help another customer.

It has been a long time since I felt completely out of my element in the supermarket. I am lost at the fish counter. This guy was a jerk. I can easily see how people new to cooking can be intimidated.  Food should bring people together not push them apart. We should be helping each other out when we try new recipes.  If I wasn’t relatively confident in the kitchen, I would have probably just walked away.

I  ended up getting a couple steaks and plan on serving them with a bit of a tomato avocado salsa (maybe some mango too). I will document my progress and photo the product and hopefully will encourage you non-fish-eaters to try something new.  And if I see the guy at fish counter again at Treasure Island, I’ll just smile and be thankful he taught me something new today – but he’s still a jerk.

Did you know a swordfish steak is the same as a fillet (is it??)?  Have you always loved fish or is it something new for you?  Do you have a favorite recipe? If so, please share!

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  1. David says:

    Could be one of those all fillets are steaks but not all steaks are fillet type deals? Coincidentally opted out of swordfish yesterday, went with Opah (moon fish) instead. Not sure if it was a steak or fillet though! Quite tasty either way.

  2. David says:

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