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PNW Roadtrip: Steamboat Inn, Idleyld Park, OR


After IPNC our 10 day trip took us to Crater Lake in southern Oregon.  We booked too late and couldn’t stay at Crater Lake Lodge itself, but MS found a great little lodge / group of cabins in Idleyld Park – about 40 miles from the entrance to Crater Lake.

We stayed at Steamboat Inn for two nights (Sunday and Monday).  Watch out, the GPS thinks this place is about 1/4 mile up the road from where it really is — we were thrown for a loop as were 2 other couples who stayed when we did.

The rooms weren’t modern but were clean and quite comfortable. For the first time since we landed in Oregon a few days prior we had hot water. Hallelujah!  There was even a fire place and a nice outdoor area that looked out upon the river.

This could also be used to measure
something other than fish, eh?

The area around the Inn was very quiet. The rooms looked right out onto the river, which provided a very relaxing sound to sleep to at night — with the door open, once you closed the door everything was silent.  The bed was comfortable and even on the second day we had hot water!

There really is nothing else around the Inn, you’d have to drive 40 miles to Roseburg to get even the most modest selection of restaurants. The Inn does offer dinner options at $50 per person and the house (Willamette Valley) wine is included in this price — you can purchase wine from their premium menu as well, if interested.

A welcome reception is hosted nightly at 19h00 and wine (both red and white), sparkling grape juice and light appetizers are served.  30 minutes later you are summoned to the main dining room where you dine communally.

The first night we had duck (a bit over done for my liking, but very tasty) served with an Oregon berry glaze.  The second night we had smoked beef, again with a fresh Oregon berry sauce. I ate more beef that night than I had in months. Both entrees were served with seasonal local vegetables and a starch.

The first night we sat with an Australian couple, a Swiss couple and a couple from Eugene Oregon.  We had a wonderful time telling travel stories, talking about the misguided GPS’ and the older couple from Eugene (probably in their late 60s / early 70s) started talking about 50 Shades of Grey. What an interesting (and quick) turn of conversation for a newly formed group.

The second night we were with the Swiss couple again and two other new couples. One from New Jersey and one from Sun River, Oregon. The New Jersey people really brought our dinner conversation to a halt. She was passionate about horses, but really couldn’t talk about anything else — and he knew everything and we knew nothing (just ask him).  The Sun River couple were nice too, we would have had a great time chatting with them, except the Jersey influence.

We ate breakfast at the Inn each morning as well, but this wasn’t communal, it was regular restaurant style seating.

Would I go back there? If I had a need to be in the area, absolutely. The service in the main lodge was great. So very friendly and the food was delicious.  They did a nice job of servicing the room too.  Other than being out in the middle of nowhere, I wouldn’t hesitate at all in staying here.

Where did you stay while visiting Crater Lake? Do you prefer to eat communal dinners with new friends or prefer to stay with just your travel companions?  Have you ever met a couple and just immediately clicked with them (like we did with the Australians?) and find yourself sitting up until all hours of the night just chatting?

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