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London for the Weekend?

It may seem crazy to some (all??) of you to even think about going all the way to London and really just spend 48 hours on the ground.  Well, I just did it and I had an amazing time.  I will include this on my full trip report in the coming weeks, but I must tell you, it can be done and it can be extremely enjoyable.

Of course I spent some time before in London so I didn’t try to fit kn many tourist sites our tours, but I did get to see (again) Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Parliament, Big Ben, Wembley Stadium (the Gold Medal Football match, too). I had two nice dinners out at new restaurants and a lovely time at a couple of bars/pubs with friends.

Not having weeks of vacation is not an excuse to not travel. Go. Explore. Live and Love. This isn’t a cheap option, but for those with limited time AND on a budget it is totally doable. You just need to plan.

Do you pop across the pond for a quick weekend? What is your favorite weekend escape? Do you think I am crazy for doing London in 48 hours?

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