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PNW Road Trip: IPNC: Overview


The International Pinot Noir Celebration was the main reason we decided to go to the Pacific Northwest. Last year we attended the Salmon Bake and the Sunday Tastings. This year we did the full package, which included a visit to a winery (Maysara, outside of Sheridan), three great breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners, two specialized tastings (we did Travel Abroad: Burgundy and Flying Winemakers — the first session everyone took and the second one we were divided in to groups and assigned to one of a series of classes) and some great afternoon activities (ice cream tasting, sparkling wine sabering, etc).

I was initially concerned that this weekend would seem more like a series of classes that wouldn’t be fun — or would get old very fast. Not so.  Despite our limited sleep the first night – thank you United and US Airways, we had a blast.

The one thing that most people in my group didn’t like, but I did, wast he Travel Abroad: Burgundy session.  This was the second day at 9h30 and lasted two hours. There were 5 wine makers from Burgundy and a Moderator. The Burgundian winemakers talked about their vineyards — in French. The Moderator would translate and add some color as well.  I loved this because I was able to practice my French listening skills.  The discussion was also interesting — I really knew nothing about the region or the history – I was fascinated.  Others, not so much.

In future posts I will discuss the food and the winery visit.  Below are pictures from the tastings, sessions and the campus.

Mike and Eric at the People Fountain
Eric and Justin relaxing at an afternoon tasting
Justin and Eric post dinner
A table full of glasses
Justin and Eric thoroughly enjoying dinner
Travel Abroad: Burgundy Tastings
Mike hiding in a glass of Burgundy
Enjoying Travel Abroad: Burgundy Tasting
The panelists and moderator
at Travel Abroad: Burgundy
Flying Winemakers Tasting
A little wig fun at Flying Winemakers

More wig play 
Even more wig play 

Sabering Spectacle

 Did you attend IPNC this year? Was it your first visit? What was your favorite part?  Do these pictures make you want to visit next year (well wait until you see the food and the winery visit photos)?  Can you handle 2.5 days of Pinot tastings?

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