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Going for Gold…

When this post gets published, I will be on a flight from Chicago to London.  As my regular readers know, I am going to London to watch the Gold Medal Football (Soccer) match at Wembley Stadium.  I’m taking the same flight to London I took last year, the last flight of the night on United and arriving around 11h00 at Heathrow.

The flight to London is really easy, especially leaving this late — I’ll be able to grab some dinner then hopefully sleep for several hours before we land.  I decided to upgrade to United’s BusinessFirst cabin.  I have never flown premium cabin internationally.

Not glamorous, but better than coach…I hope.

The closest I ever get is exit row…well, that’s not really true. I did fly first class from Prague to Amsterdam on KLM.  This was in the days when you would get a nice TRUE first class seat intra-Europe, none of those regular economy seats with the center seat blocked, like you see all the time now.

While I know United BusinessFirst isn’t going to be anything to write home about, but it is a new experience for me — so I’m excited about it. I am really hoping my plan for sleep comes to fruition as I only have 48 hours to spend in London — and I don’t want to spend this time sleeping.

I will let you all know my thoughts on the seats and if I think it was worth the upgrade cost (20K miles and $500).  It’s a sunk cost now, so let’s hope it works out for me.

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