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The Power of Victoria Falls

It is a rainy day in Chicago today.  I hate walking to the bus in the rain. Each time I do, I think of my trip to Zimbabwe in March of 2011.  We visited Victoria Falls – we actually visited both sides of the Falls, the Zimbabwe side and the Zambian side.  I do really think the Zambian side was much prettier.
The video below is from the Zimbabwe side of the Falls and you can see the power of the Falls.  It wasn’t raining the day we visited the Falls but you can see the mist from the Falls “falling up” and utterly soaking us.  This is just one of the several great views of the Falls.

Have you been to Victoria Falls?  Which side did you like better: Zimbabwe or Zambia?  How did it compare to the worlds two other largest Falls (Iguazu and Niagara)?   Do you want to visit Victoria Falls? Well, South African Airways flies from their Johannesburg hub O.R. Tambo International Airport.

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