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Westin (Alexandria) — Hotel Review

Every time I visit the greater Washington, DC area I am surprised at the cost of hotels (for week night stays — weekends are utterly cheap).  Since most of my meetings were outside the District, I decided to stay at the Westin Alexandria.  I chose this hotel mostly because the combination of price and the service I usually receive at a Westin.  My colleague stayed in a different hotel in Arlington.

We pulled up in front of the hotel and were immediately greeted by 3 front door staff who helped me with my suitcase and offered me a small bottle of water (it was over 100 degrees at that point). The lobby was large and airy — very loud though. The squeals of children and laughter of adults echoed through the lobby.

I do not have status with Starwood any more, which is quite a shame. When checking in the woman at the front desk welcomed me, told me all about the amenities of the hotel and how to access the internet — not at all how check-in was handled at the hotel I stayed at the night before.

I head up to my room and find a relatively spacious area that had a nice clean smell. The room had a king bed, a desk with ample work space and two chairs under the window.  The bed was very comfortable, as are most Westin beds (as long as they have the heavenly beds, that is).  

The room was an adjoining room. I really hate rooms that connect unless you are traveling with your neighbors. The noise from the other room carries so easily though the closed doors.  My neighbors had a baby who cried from about 18h30 until shortly before 22h00. From that point on the room was pretty quiet.  Yes, I would have asked to change rooms if the baby had continued to cry all night. I don’t know how they quieted the baby, but kudos to them.


The wall near the door to the next room looked a little odd. The art that traditionally hung there was gone.  You can even see the picture hangers still in the wall. I wonder what was previously hanging here.
Former home of hotel art… where is it now?
The bathroom was a standard Westin room with the great Westin double shower head, standard bath products. Nothing to write home about, but nice and consistent and clean.

The second day I returned from a day of meetings and found that the housekeepers had taken all of the wash clothes from the room.  When going out for dinner I stopped by to ask for replacement wash clothes, but when I returned a couple hours later, I found they hadn’t been delivered. I called the front desk again and a lovely member of housekeeping (reminds me of a grandma) brought 3 wash clothes in less than 5 minutes.

The biggest issue I had was the stain on the bed skirt.  It was an inch long red smear — was it blood? nail polish? I don’t know. It sure didn’t look like ketchup.  By the time I noticed this, it was late and I had an early morning, so I just put a towel over the stain (like I did at the Doubletree Memphis) and slept on the other side of the bed.  Before leaving for work the next morning I left a note for the maid asking them to change the sheets AND the bed skirt — see below (if you click the picture you can see the stain).

I returned from a very long work day and found that the dirty bed skirt was still on the bed.  This isn’t major, just frustrating that an obviously stained bed skirt wasn’t changed, even when I asked them to do it.  If it were the sheets I would have asked them to come back up and take care of it.

The stay at the Westin Alexandria was very nice overall.  If I am to be in the area again, I would definitely look to returning to this hotel. 

Have you stayed at the Westin Alexandria before?  Did you have clean sheets and a full compliment of wall art?  What do you think about rooms with connecting doors — when not traveling with your neighbors?  Do you check the sheets before you lay down or is it just me?

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