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Initial Thoughts on the Doubletree Richmond

I was in Richmond for one night this week and since I’m a Hilton Gold, I decided to stay at the Doubletree Downtown. The rate was good and it was close to my meetings.  Win-Win, right? Not so much.

I will provide a full hotel review shortly, but I wanted to talk briefly about the check-in and check-out process.

We arrived at the Doubletree around 21h30 last night.  We attempt to valet park our car and can’t find the valet. I go into the hotel to ask if valet was still operating.  It was and the front desk clerk said the valet is outside, wearing a green shirt. We look out the window and see him crouched down (almost hiding) from guests.  After we track him down he takes our car.

I am in line to check-in and after the front desk clerk tells us where the valet is hiding, I give him my ID, my credit card (Chase Sapphire Preferred) and my HHonors Gold Card (just to make sure the Gold Benefits are properly associated with my reservation. He says they don’t take that card. Only Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover. I tell him it is a Visa and the logo is on the back — his response: Visa logos are only on the front.  He does begrudgingly attempt to run my card — which works just fine.

I then ask him to remind me of the Gold Benefits at this hotel (I wanted to confirm a free breakfast as well as complimentary internet access). He tells me the benefits are in my room.  I don’t understand. I ask him to explain and he says I will see when I get to my room.  Huh?  I then specifically ask him if Gold HHonors status allowed for a free breakfast and internet. He said it did, all Gold members get that.  Exactly what my initial question was.  I take my cookie and go to my room.

Full room/experience review coming soon.

Upon my departure, I was checking-out, which I usually never do, but I wanted to make sure my colleague got some alternate compensation because her room smelled horrible — she had a VERY moldy (smelling) room. We didn’t see the mold, but it stunk.  No other rooms were available, but an Engineer did come up to spray air freshener. My colleague did get some bonus points, which was nice – although she would gladly forego the points for a mold (smelling) free room.

When I’m checking out, the dialog with the clerk went something like this:

Doubletree Clerk: How was your stay?
Me: It was fine, thank you.
DC: I am happy you had a good stay with us.
Me: I didn’t say it was good, I said it was fine.
DC: Oh….Ok.
Me: <smiling, waiting for the valet>
DC: So, what wasn’t good?
Me: Well, my colleague had a bad room that I had to hear about it <laugh>, but thank you for taking care of her with points.  I was also disappointed you all don’t offer adult films in the room.
DC: Oh…….oh…..

Now, I don’t watch these films, but I do love the titles.  How disappointing for me. It was OK, because this woman was horribly embarrassed by my comment. That was not my intention, but was truly disappointing.

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