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Cooking Classes — Building on a Passion

Last weekend when JDE was visiting from DC we decided to take a cooking class. Usually when she is in town we will take a class at the Chopping Block.  The last class I took with them was in February before my accident. I have taken a handful of classes from the Chopping Block and I have loved them all.

The Chopping Block offers two types of classes: Hands-on and Demonstration classes.  I’ve taken both and have to say the Hands-on classes are by far the best option.  You truly make everything on the menu, you get hands-on help from the chef instructor and an assistant.  In the Demonstration classes you sit around tables watching the chef-instructor cook.  It’s like watching a live presentation of Food Network.  I have taken three Demonstration classes: Cupcakes, Crepes and Fondue.  These classes are well done, but in my mind not nearly as fun as the Hands-on class.

This past weekend I took my first outdoor class, called Rendezvous Under the Stars.  I’ll write more about the specific class and and the great recipes in later installments.  Today I just want to recap some of my other classes and just tell you all that taking a class with the Chopping Block is a ton of fun — even if you have just the slightest interest in cooking.

My favorite Hands-on classes at the Chopping Block – the ones where I had the most fun or have pulled some of the recipes into my everyday cooking are:

  • Sushi Workshop – Fun class and it showed how easy sushi is to make, but not something I’ve tried at home yet – not something I will probably ever make at home.
  • Chicken 101 – A few different chicken recipes and a great glazed root vegetable side dish that quickly made it into my recipe box.
  • Aphrodisiac Appetizers – Valentines Day class was a ton of fun, but again nothing made it into my recipe box.
  • Midnight in Paris – By far my favorite class from the Chopping Block. I’ve made Coq au Vin and Dark Chocolate Pots de Creme at home a few times since class…well, I made the pots de creme a LOT since class – so easy, so great! This was another Valentine’s Day event, shortly after we returned from Paris. 
I have a passion for cooking and I love these classes. They really do cater to various interest levels too. If any of you are nervous or at all apprehensive about taking a class here rest assured, you will love it.  If you ever need a cooking class buddy, let me know!
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