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Dollar Shave Club – Initial Review


Last month I mentioned an interesting website called Dollar Shave Club and how while I was a bit skeptical, I did sign up for it.  Well, 5 weeks later my first shipment arrived.  My credit card was charged the day I signed up, of course.

Envelope and contents of first delivery

Your first shipment arrives in a brown paper envelope filled with 4 blades (depending on the program you sign up for, of course), a welcome note and a handle for your new razors.  The razors cannot be used on another type of handle (that I am aware of) but they throw in a handle with your first purchase.

Welcome Note

 The card is simple and reminds you when shipments are made and estimated delivery time. Nothing all that useful


The handle is pretty big – much bigger than the handles the come with regular supermarket razors. It actually felt pretty good, a nice ergonomic design.

So, how are the razors themselves? Well, I tried them this morning, after 3 days of growth and the razor was pretty good. I traditionally use Gillette Fusion, which cost about $3 from or up to $6 at Jewel or Target.  These cost just $1.50 each.  If they have the staying power of the Gillette blades then this sounds like a good option.  The razor did do a good job of chopping through my stubble.

What is my final verdict? Well, the price is great. The first shave was pretty good. I think I will give it a month or two and see how it really work in the long haul.

Have you tried this product?  Do the razors actually arrive when you expect them to? How many shaves do you get with a single razor?  How long have you used these blades?  If you want to try them our and you are feeling generous, sign up using my link (using my link will give me a free month of razors).

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