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European Triad: Scoring Olympic Tickets

Since I have 2 extra weeks of vacation this year (because we cancelled our trip to Vietnam you can read about it hereherehere, hereherehere and here, because of my accident, read about that here), I needed to find something to do with myself.
Two old friends recently moved back to London from Melbourne and since London is hosting the Olympics I figured now is a perfect time to visit one of my favorite Cities.

My last trip to London was in March of 2011 — and lasted a whopping 12 (+/-) hours and I had a great time.  I figured I’d try to get tickets to a soccer match and plan a trip around the game.  
I visited the London Olympics website and after a quick search I found there were tickets available to the Bronze Medal game in Cardiff. I’ve never been to Cardiff.  It’s a quick trip from London and watching an Olympic match would make a great little trip.
After I spend about 20 minutes filling out online forms, picking tickets and proceeding to check-out I get an error message. Evidently the site I was using was for UK citizens only. Dammit. I’m now redirected to a US site and have to start again. Create a profile, search for tickets and find that nothing is available for soccer matches if you are in the US. Dammit.

Next I decide to email my UK friends and ask them to purchase the tickets for me.  A quick response from a friend confirmed she’d order the tickets right away for me.  Fast forward 8 days. Her new job has kept her swamped. She hadn’t had time to buy the tickets.  I email her and she promises to handle it that evening.  Two hours later I get an email from the US Olympic ticket seller.  80 tickets for the Gold Medal soccer match at Wembley Stadium. Holy crap!  BUY BUY BUY!

Wembley Stadium
I got in withing 10 minutes of receiving the email and managed to buy two tickets (max number per individual).  Gold Medal tickets at Wembley are infinitely better than Bronze Medal Tickets in Cardiff. C’mon, it isn’t even a competition, is it?

I’ve always wanted to go to the Olympics and London will be a great host.  I can’t go to the 2016 games as I am boycotting because Brazil beat out Chicago 2016 and I hold a grudge.

Did you get tickets to the Olympics? Which events are you going to? Do you think Chicago should have beaten Brazil?  Isn’t London a much better venue than Cardiff.

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