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European Triad: Trip Planning

Earlier this year we planned a lovely trip to Vietnam, you can read about it here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Unfortunately we had to postpone it because of my accident, read about that here.  Now we have two weeks of vacation that we intended to use in March — how can we use these weeks? By planning a quick trip to Europe of course.

MS loves Barcelona – it is his favorite City on the planet. I don’t really care for Barcelona myself; I’m sure if anyone can change my opinion he can. One of my favorite cities on the planet is London and since they are hosting the Olympics this year how could I not stop by to say ‘hello’?

After London and Barcelona, I wanted to pop across the border into France. I’ve been studying French at Alliance Francaise and I want to practice my language skills.  Since I’m also a big airplane nerd, I want to visit Toulouse and stop by Airbus Industries for a factory tour (total nerd, I know).

We are still working out the details of the itinerary for London, Barcelona and Toulouse. I’ve spent a ton of time in London, have dear friends and limited time in the City. I’m really looking for suggestions for things to do and places to eat in Barcelona and Toulouse.

Are you going to the Olympics this year?  Have you taken a trip to the Airbus factory before? Is it worth visiting?  Are you planning a trip to a City you have historically loathed but going to see it in a new light?

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