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Trinidad: Trini Wrap Up: Limin’, Food and Soca

My trip to Trinidad was my first trip traveling abroad in many years – It was good to truly travel again and it was great to see EAD again. One thing I noticed while in Trinidad was the number of people just hanging out. Sitting on the side of the road outside their car listening to music (Soca music specifically). Evidently this practice is called liming. I initially thought that Trinidad had a high unemployment rate and these folks had nothing else to do — but that’s wasn’t right. The unemployment rate was (and still is) about 5-6%.

This is just a great cultural difference.  Enjoy life – you see a friend on the street, pull over and hang out for a bit. I think we need to embrace this mentality a bit more here in the US.

My trip to Trinidad was quite quick – I had a really nice time visiting, but I always have a great time when I’m visiting EAD (and JFB). It matters more on who you are with than where you are.  Would I go back to Trinidad? Probably not, but not because I didn’t have any fun, but because I have so many places that I’d rather visit.

Have you been to Trinidad? Did you love it? Do you love drinking Caribs and Limin’?  Do you know bring a bucket of chicken as your carry-on bag on the plane?

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