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Why I don’t have a mandolin…

It was July 3, 1996 – I was 17. I was grilling some burgers and making a salad. I was using my parents mandolin to cut carrots. I couldn’t find the safety guard, so I went bare.  Slicing a carrot sounded like a great idea.  And it was until I got too low and sliced the meaty part of my thumb on the traditional slicer blade – not the julienne blade (whew!).

I had to cancel lunch and go to the community doctor.  I didn’t slice all the way through the meat either, so I had a flap of thumb skin/meat still flopping around.  The doctor had to cut off this piece and then stitch it together with one big stitch.  Just thinking about it turns my stomach a bit too.

When we got home from the doctor that night we tossed that mandolin in the trash and made a commitment that I wouldn’t have one again.  Since then I used a chefs knife to slice and dice. Sometimes it wasn’t the most efficient but it was much safer.

Fast forward nearly 16 years (ugh) to April 2012. I decided it was time to get a mandolin because I wanted to make some cheesy potatoes au gratin and following my accident I still don’t have full use of my right hand, so cutting potatoes into quarter inch slices would have been nearly impossible.

Do you have any kitchen utensils that have moved to the trash because of an irrational hatred/fear?

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I'm playing catch up and saw this. I tossed my mandolin earlier this year after I cut about 1/4 into my fingernail. I was slicing carrots without the guard because I wanted rounds and it slipped and I jammed it on the blade. Luckily Jackson's best friends dad works in the surgical suites at the Corvallis hospital and had some extra dermabond. Next day I went out and picked up a food processor. Won't buy a mandolin again after that.

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