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Fiesta at Tim’s

Saturday is Cinco de Mayo, or as we called it in college, Cinco de Drinko — yes, we were clever, weren’t we? I also go through spells of cooking Mexican food non-stop. Ever since a boys trip to Cancun I’ve truly loved cooking Mexican food.  I’ve decided to have a couple friends over for a little Mexican Fiesta on Saturday.

I almost always try a new recipe when I have guests over – this time I’m only tweaking an old favorite recipe and am not trying anything new.  I will be making a homemade guacamole, ceviche (if the fish looks good), homemade chorizo and potato tacos, enchiladas con salsa verde and my semi-new dessert recipe. I’m taking the recipe I got from the Chopping Block a few months ago — Dark Chocolate Pot de Creme — and will be using a chili infused dark chocolate and perhaps a bit of cinnamon too.  I just can’t get enough of the Pot de Creme.

What will I be serving with all of this great (and fat free…) Mexican food? Well, margaritas of course!  I use the same margarita recipe I learned from a great Chef in Cancun. I’ll also serve Modelo and Pacifico beers.

I love Mexican food and I love cooking it for my friends. Are you hosting a Mexican Fiesta this Saturday? Do you make your own Chorizo? What about ceviche? If you could add one thing to my menu, what would it be (don’t forget to direct me to a recipe, if needed).

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