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Koval Distillery Tour – Chicago

There is a local distillery in the Ravenswood neighborhood that offers tours several times a day.  The tour has been on our to-do list for at least a year.  We finally decided to take this last tour of the day last Saturday.  The tour cost $10 per person and included a bit of history of the distillery, the family, the process of distilling and small tastings of about 10 different items (whiskey and infused spirits).

The tour had about 15 people – which I think was too many for the small space.  The tour guide was competent but didn’t really have a passion for distilling or even a real outline of what she was talking about. Several times she had to ask us “Did I already tell you guys this?” — which she hadn’t.

The tastings were small, but very tasty — having a larger pour would have made for a very sloppy evening.  Koval has a limited distribution network but can be found in many restaurants, bars and smaller liquor stores in Chicago.  You can also find this booze in New Mexico, Louisiana, Georgia and other states.

If you are in Chicago and are looking for a unique booze related tour, I would recommend visiting Koval. The tasting is in the rooms where they distill and bottle their products.  They also have a small little shop up front where you can buy bottles, shirts, bags, accessories and books.  A great little place to pick up a gift for yourself or a nice host/hostess gift.

Have you been to Koval before? How was your tour? Do you have a favorite booze tour you constantly revisit? If so, tell me about it.  When planning a trip do you look for a winery or a distillery where you can spend an afternoon?

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