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Dollar Shave Club

Two weeks ago I received an email from a friend (more of a travel nerd acquaintance) telling me about this new service called Dollar Shave Club.  One thing that I really hate is how expensive razor blades are. You go to Target for toiletries and when you toss in a package of razor blades your bill jumps up by $20. Hate it.

Enter Dollar Shave Club. Basically you pay a subscription of either $1, $6 or $9 per month and you get a set number of razors delivered to your home.  My friend signed up for this a month or so ago and really likes the service. I decided to give it a try, but when I signed up I received an email that they were backlogged and would send me my first razor in mid-May.

I signed up for the $6 version (because those single blade razors just shred my delicate face and don’t even cut my wild beard). With your first order the throw in a razor handle (stick).  I think the video is pretty funny too.

Full disclosure: If you follow my link and sign up, I get a free month of razors. Once you sign up you get a link too and when your friends sign up you get a free month for each new member.

I will fully review the razors when they arrive — I’m actually looking forward to shaving for once, even though it is one of my lease favorite tasks (ranks right up there with cleaning the litter box).

What do you think of this idea? Do you hate the cost of razors as much as I do?

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