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Trinidad: POS Customs/Immigration

We arrive in Port of Spain and I was hit with the thick warm air that had a subtle sweet smell of a nice cigar.    I wander through the terminal to customs.  I didn’t realize that the mayhem that was customs and immigration was typical for all governmental services in Trinidad.

There really was no organized line, we all just grouped together in a big mass slowly moving towards the less than efficient immigration folks.  I handed over my passport and immigration form (eventually) and was asked what my purpose was (pleasure) and where I was staying (with EAD) and the address (unknown, let me look): “Eh, not necessary”, she said as she stamped me and waved me through to immigration.

Baggage claim was a mess too.  I don’t understand why people who fly to the Caribbean travel with half a dozen suitcases each.  Luggage carts were stacked high as the passengers pushing them to the large gymnasium sized room that housed two x-ray machines.  I didn’t see any proper lines or directions, so I start walking towards the exit, bypassing the machines and heading straight outside.  Evidently I was supposed to go through some other sort of screening/review process.

Such is life, right?  I made it through the three ring circus that was customs relatively quickly and found EAD waiting with a ton of other folks for their friends and loved ones to emerge from the gymnasium.

I am here Trinidad!


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